MFS Systems (2007) INC. -rotary cooler,dross cooling,bulk material cooling,lime, iron residues,sand,rotary furnace,scrap preheating and drying,aluminum dross 
Welcome to MFS Systems(2007) INC.

RRD Welding and Fabrication of Hamilton Ontario is pleased to announce that it has acquired the technology of MFS Systems INC. MFS Systems is owned and operated by Mr. J Philip McMahon who pioneered the bulk cooling of heated materials such as quicklime, aluminium dross, and other hot materials, subject to oxidation, in rotary cooling system using water as the cooling medium but ensuring separation from the minerals being cooled. These rotary coolers are now available from RRD Welding's associate company MFS Systems (2007) INC. MFS Systems INC also manufactured Rotary Coolers for production runs or batch runs, plus dust collector to ensure companies do not violate environmental standards from their local EPA.