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Custom Fabrication

Thank you for choosing RRD Welding & Fabrication LTD. Established in 2001, by Raymond R. Dubosq, it has acquired over 27 years of personal experience involving various steel fabrication and building machinery. With the use of modern technology, RRD is able to accomplish your most complex needs as required. With CNC programming we can transfer our customer's ideas into reality using high definition plasma burning. Through this we can cut plates to shape and form metal with our 400 ton press. We offer quality thru the Canadian Welding Bureau certification plus complete with coating, assemblies and testing to ensure that the product is to the customer's specifications. We can offer products at competitive prices, but our quality is what makes us stand out above our competitors. With suppliers in close proximity thus, engineering and trade work force is in abundant supply. With our convenient location in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada servicing the Golden Horseshoe and the world, delivery of our products by road, rail or sea makes us very desirable and accessible. Service and quality are our top priorities for all our customers big or small


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