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MFS Rotary Cooler

'Do profits go up in smoke? Stop this waste with an MFS Rotary Cooler which cools in minutes and stops the burning MFS Rotary Coolers solve operating and environmental problems, takes minimal space and increases profits'

Metal recovery using an MFS Rotary Cooler becomes a major profit center. What other major equipment can return at least its full cost in savings every year? MFS equipment is in successful use internationally and MFS Systems INC. has sold more coolers in North America than any other company.

Here's what was achieved by one major U.S metal caster:

Client Testimonial

'We used two different models - the first one MFS-809 for over 20 years. It surpassed it's expected life expectancy by over 100%, and was very reliable during that period. When the time came to replace it, we did not hesitate to purchase another, larger unit: MFS-812, from MFS. It was our experience that cooling the dross reduced melt loss by an estimated 50%. Safe to operate, with minimal annual mantenance and virutally smoke free'

-Robert Davidson, Former Plant Manager, Toronto, Canada

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